Trojan Ganja Reggae Box Set (Limited Edition)

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Friday, February 6, 2009


King Stitt & Andy Capp - Herbsman
The G.G. All Stars - Ganja Plane
Lloyd Charmers - Ishan Cup
Glen Brown - Collie And Wine
Dice & Cummie - Real Collie
Bob Marley - Kaya
Bob Marley - Kaya Version
Carl Murphy - Lick I Pipe
Jah T - Lick The Pipe, Peter Part 4
The Observers - Pass The Pipe
Aston Barrett - Herb Tree
Clancy Eccles - Ganja Free
The Upsetters - Kutchi Skank
Max Romeo - My Jamaican Collie
Rupie Edwards - Feeling High
Big Youth - Half Ounce
Leroy Horsemouth Wallace - Herb Version

Horace Andy - Better Collie
The Aggrovators - Collie Version
The Reggae Crusaders - Bring The Couchie Come
Niney & The Soul Syndicate - Couchie Dub
Joe White - Ganja
Johnny Clarke - Collie Dread
Leslie Butler - Ashanti Ganja Dub
Rupie Edwards - Free The Weed
The Rupie Edwards All Stars - Free The Weed Dub
Bunny & Ricky - Bush Weed Corntrash
The Upsetters - Callying Butt
Tappa Zukie - Chalice To Chalice
Cornell Campbell - A Hundred Pounds Of Collie
Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana
Linval Thompson - Jamaican Collie Version
Big Joe - Smoke Marijuana
Ranking Dread - Marijuana In My Soul

Horace Andy - Collie Weed
Sly & The Revolutionaries - Marijuana
Dillinger - Marijuana In My Brain
Sly & The Revolutionaries - Herb
Barrington Levy - Collie Weed
Sly & The Revolutionaries - Collie
Scientist & The Roots Radics - Scientist Ganja Dub
Barrington Levy - Sensimilea
Scientist & The Roots Radics - Cannabis Dub
Derrick Morgan - The Great Collie Herb
Neville Brown - Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi
Neville Brown & The Roots Radics - Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi Dub
Mike Brooks - Sensi Man
Clint Eastwood - Ganja Baby
Ronnie Davis - Kaya
The Tufftones - Sensi For Sale

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